Justin Khanna


From a small town in Wisconsin to the best restaurants in the world (Per Se, Grace, The French Laundry, Lysverket), Justin is taking the past 8 years of fine dining experience to be everyone's private chef. 

Graduating with Honors from the Culinary Institute of America in New York, Justin grew his foundational knowledge and worked to become a sous chef at Lysverket in Bergen, Norway. There, he helped launch the restaurant higher than it’s ever been in the esteemed Nordic White Guide as well as create and foster the restaurant’s first official apprenticeship program.  


Now laying roots in Seattle, he’s founded Mix Projects, where he’s looking to fuse online media with fine dining gastronomy.


Continuing the desire to educate and share his ideas, Justin hosts The Emulsion podcast that interviews chefs, critics, service professionals and food entrepreneurs from all over the world. Find him online: